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Perpenso Calc 4

4.9 ( 2649 ratings )
ユーティリティ 教育
開発者 Perpenso, LLC

Perpenso® Calc 4 offers five calculators in one upgradable lite app: scientific, statistics, business, hex and bill/tip. Scientific mode is included and the other modes are optional. Perpenso Calc is a related fully paid app that includes all modes at a discounted price. Perpenso Calc may cost less than adding all your desired functionality to Perpenso Calc 4.

Perpenso Calc 4 includes:
• A calculator tape (not available in Lite mode)
• A built-in manual
• Nine color schemes (not available in Lite mode)

All calculators offers:
• Copy and paste
• Optional RPN entry (not available in Lite mode)
• Decimal based arithmetic (no binary rounding)
• 20 digit precision (enough for 64-bit arithmetic)
• 10 memory registers
• Customizable display lines (iPad only, not available in Lite mode)

Scientific mode provides:
• 72 operations (43 complex number)
• Fractions
• Complex numbers, cartesian and polar
• 2D rotation
• Scientific and engineering notation
• Unit and time conversions

Statistics mode (an In-App Purchase) includes:
• 42 operations
• Optional worksheet for data entry/editing and viewing common stats
• Importing data from the web
• Single and two variable data
• Swap XY data
• Mean, weighted mean, geometric mean, median and mode
• Z-score
• Standard deviations
• Covariance and correlation
• Percentile
• Sums
• Linear regression including slope, y-intercept, predicted x/y, SSE and SSR
• Combinations
• Permutations
• Geometric, hypergeometric, poisson and binomial probability functions

Business mode (an In-App Purchase) offers:
• 53 operations
• Optional worksheets for data entry/editing and performing common calculations
• Breakeven point
• Profit margin
• Time value of money
• Amortization
• Cash flows
• Interest rate conversion
• Running total

Hex mode (an In-App Purchase) provides:
• 43 operations
• Optional worksheets for data entry/editing and performing common conversions
• Decimal, hex, octal and binary
• 64-bit and 32-bit modes
• Unsigned and signed modes
• Bitwise operators
• Byte swapping
• UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32 encoding, decoding and conversions
• IEEE single and double precision floating point encoding and decoding
• Dotted quad encoding
• RGBA decoding with a preview of the color

Bill mode (an In-App Purchase) allows you to:
• Add items to a scrollable list
• Set item quantity
• Set the percentage of an item that you are responsible for
• Set tax and tip percentage
• Set tax and tip amount
• Split the total
• Send itemized bill to calculator tape
• Enter/edit items and view some calculations on an optional worksheet

Efficient and explicit calculations.

RPN is an optional entry method that gives you explicit control over calculations without using parenthesis.

20 digit precision, enough for 64-bit arithmetic.

Many calculator apps use the hardware floating point unit (FPU) and are limited to around 16 decimal digits of precision, far fewer than the 20 needed to perform 64-bit arithmetic. Perpenso Calc 4 is always using 20 digits of precision internally.

Decimal arithmetic, no binary rounding.

Can other calculator apps calculate 0.5 − 0.4 − 0.1 = 0? Surprisingly many cannot and display a very small number rather than zero. The FPU performs binary arithmetic and as numbers are converted between binary and decimal small rounding errors can occur. Handheld calculators use decimal arithmetic, not binary, to avoid such rounding errors. So does Perpenso Calc 4.

Seamless support for fractions.

In Perpenso Calc 4 fractions are generally interchangeable with decimal numbers. Nearly all calculations accept fractions and will return a fraction when the operands are fractions. Fractions may be displayed as, and converted between, proper and improper forms.

Better support for complex numbers than many handheld calculators.

Most mathematical operations in Perpenso Calc 4 accept complex numbers. Complex numbers may be displayed as, and converted between, cartesian and polar forms.