Perpenso Calc 4 Recenzje App

Stats calculator crashes

Bought the stats calculator but worksheet mode keeps crashing.

Fully paid version may cost less

Note that the related fully paid app, Perpenso Calc, is offered at a discounted price and may cost less than adding all your desired functionality to Perpenso Calc 4. Regarding some older reviews ... Statistics. The traditional calculator buttons allow you to enter data but not edit it. Entering data using the buttons is just a convenience for small data sets. The worksheets offer a more natural way to enter, edit and view data and to perform some common calculations. Worksheets are the primary user interface for statistics data, not the traditional calculator buttons. Fractions. The calculator allows you to directly enter fractions using two decimal points (.2.3 = 2/3, 1.2.3 = 1 2/3), convert to and from fractions, and when operating on a fraction the result is a fraction (2/3 * 5 = 10/3). You can switch between proper and improper forms (10/3 = 3 1/3). The display of a fraction is subject to a maximum denominator defined in the calculator’s settings. If an operation yields a fraction with a denominator larger than this max then a decimal value is shown. You can define this max (it is 99,999 by default) or you can turn it off.

No portrait mode

Landscape only

Works but selecting non-free mode freezes keyboard

Gave this a second try after it apparently was non-functional. Discovered that this free version will let you select one of the non-free modes so that you can see the keyboard layout but keys are inactive. I must have had a non-free mode selected then tried to punch some keys and of course, nothing happens. Make sure you have "Scientific" mode selected and it works. Calculator comes up instantly. No long waits like some other calculators. I need the ability to easily convert back and forth to/from Dec/Hex. Since Hex mode is not useable in this free version, I can't tell if this is easy or difficult. Also, not sure I can live with the horizontal layout - wish there was an option for vertical layout.

It is waste money.

Disappointed stat ......


It's easy to use!! I would recommended for everyone to use.


Nice looking, multifunctional, for about $6.00. Have not figured how to use several of the functions or operations. Time will tell. I may adjust my evaluation when I am more familiar with the operations.

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